Petit Mode

Posted in culture, fashion, sports by johnsnavely on August 20, 2008

My brother sent me a link to an article on Naomi Yotsumoto, a young Japanese table tennis player who wears outfits of her own design. She’s in the Olympics playing TT for Japan.

image from Imprint Blog.

She’s a pretty talented player and also pretty, which are great reasons to watch her. Ping pong could use a little more style in the uniform department. I’m glad she’s taking this on.

Ping pong, as I read in the NY Times last Sunday, is on its way out–its popularity has slowly decreased over the years and there’s a little worry that we might not see it in a few Olympics down the road.

I used to play on the team at Dartmouth and for a few shameless semesters filled in as the team captain. My borther and I both have fond memories of going to the “Church of Ping Pong” when we were in highschool in Western Mass. There was old church (in Bathesda I think) with a gymnasium where some really awesome players would gather to play in the evenings. Like old boxing clubs where a shabby outpost might indicate a lonesome enclave of quality play by a washed-up old star, there are ping pong clubs like this all over the United States. I went to one in Windsor (and even played in a tournament there.) I found another one when I lived in NYC in Manhattan on the upper west side. I got to hit a few (literally) with a former olympic player. I’ve been told there’s a club somewhere here in Seattle but I’ll have to find it.