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Posted in work by johnsnavely on November 5, 2011

Last week I finished up a big project: the latest Productivity Vision Video for Microsoft. It was released on YouTube and within a week generated nearly 2 million views. I was the Creative Director of the project, but it was a big team effort. I worked with awesome folks like Mason Nicoll, Hiroshi Endo and Ethan Keller and many more.

Here’s the video. It’s sparked some intense debates both positive and negative about the role of technology in our lives and that discussion is exciting to see.

Now that the project is finally finished, I’ve taken the opportunity to use my free weekends to updated my portfolio. The video isn’t in there yet, but I’ll be posting some screenshots there and hopefully a few here. There’s a lot of detail in the software and interface design that I’d like to share and hear what people think…


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  1. matthewtarr said, on November 6, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Hey John, fantastic work (seems you’ve made a habit of that 😉
    I am interested in something… I saw projection, proximity, 3d displays, transparent devices, and holograms… how do you guys decide the “feasibility level” when you do this sort of stuff. Is there a date in the future that you are shooting for? is the sky the limit? To be perfectly honest half the reason I love Sci-Fi movies is to see the lifestyle stuff, so I really enjoy these videos. Do me a favor next time, have the school age kid be on a Museum field trip. I’d love to see what you guys come up with. Congrats!

    • johnsnavely said, on November 6, 2011 at 11:30 pm

      Thanks for comment, Matt.

      “Feasibility” is a pretty complicated topic. Basically, everything is these videos is feasible. We do a ton of research into what’s happening at the bleeding edge of technology, inside and outside Microsoft.

      But predicting exactly when certain technologies are going to become mainstream is pretty tough. True prediction needs to balance technical feasibility with a deep understanding of how cultural adoption takes place. We’ve got a 5-10 year window we look at, and the ideas are a mix of what’s out there right now combined with what we see coming. Prediction is also not the full intent of the work.

      Prediction is only part of the aim– we’re hoping to get people within the company and our partners excited to go and make some of these things a reality. This is one reason we don’t put brand names on anything.

      One example we could look at would be 3D displays. They’ve been on the market for a couple years now, but haven’t had widespread adoption by consumers. One reason might be the lack of content, another might be that there’s no “killer app” that shows 3d interfaces that people want to use. The video shows a few suggestions in the productivity realm that might get the ball rolling, although my guess is that the early adopters of 3d displays/interfaces will be in gaming.

      Pixar’s next movie will be in 3d (I’ve heard) which means a whole generation of kids who grow up with 3d images as part of their digital experience. When will we have a tipping point? I’m not sure exactly; James Cameron was hoping it would be a couple years ago, but it’s moving pretty slowly. As new 3d displays come out that don’t require glasses, we might see a shift…

      Transparent, flexible and holographic displays have all been in the labs of Samsung, Sony, HP and Microsoft. Unlike 3d displays, there’s still a number of technical hurdles to overcome. They’re probably a ways off, but who knows? The cultural adoption might be easy… All it takes is for the new Prius to have an augmented reality windshield and *poof* ubiquity. 🙂

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