New Work

Posted in work by johnsnavely on November 5, 2011

Last week I finished up a big project: the latest Productivity Vision Video for Microsoft. It was released on YouTube and within a week generated nearly 2 million views. I was the Creative Director of the project, but it was a big team effort. I worked with awesome folks like Mason Nicoll, Hiroshi Endo and Ethan Keller and many more.

Here’s the video. It’s sparked some intense debates both positive and negative about the role of technology in our lives and that discussion is exciting to see.

Now that the project is finally finished, I’ve taken the opportunity to use my free weekends to updated my portfolio. The video isn’t in there yet, but I’ll be posting some screenshots there and hopefully a few here. There’s a lot of detail in the software and interface design that I’d like to share and hear what people think…