Nicholas Cage

Posted in technology by johnsnavely on July 27, 2010

From BBC News:

A team of 30 Spanish doctors say they have successfully performed the world’s first full face transplant.

A man injured in a shooting accident received the entire facial skin and muscles – including cheekbones, nose, lips and teeth – of a donor.

Please combine this with the previous post and imagine your new personal robotic face, configurable in real time.

I’ve been reading “The Shadow of the Torturer” by Gene Wolfe, lent to me by a co-worker. It’s an usual book set in the “future middle ages”. There’s a passage where the main character (Severian) learns the origins of one of his friends (Jonas). Early in the novel it’s revealed that Jonas has a steel, prosthetic, hand and one normal hand. Later, the Severian realizes that it’s not just Jonas’ hand that is made of steel but other parts of his body as well. Jonas explains that he was in a terrible accident where he lost much of his body. Jonas’ friends had tried to repair him, but they ran out of metal; they had to use biological parts to finish the job.


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