Blush without Blushing

Posted in culture by johnsnavely on March 16, 2010

Had a thought:

Seeing as we’re steps away from LED paint– a paintable display screen– I wondered what it would be like if other things could take advantage of paintable LED’s. (Other than architectural interiors, that is.)

Makeup might become really unusual if you could paint an LED display (or a nature tattoo on your chest) onto yourself.

You might be able to make an “invisibility cloak”, where an image of what is behind you is displayed on your painted body.

The other thing I wondered is if the light emitted by this paint wasn’t in the visible spectrum at all, but IR? Basically, a display which could communicate with other displays, devices, etc, but non-visually. So I could be wearing makeup that no one sees, that tells a secret to the makeup on your face, which makes you blush without blushing.