A Pool of Oil

Posted in architecture by johnsnavely on February 25, 2010

MIT Media Labs Firefly project has gotten a lot of press lately.

I read about the project on BLDBLG, where Geoff was cutting loose, imagining a world where screens were floating in air and cinema, like the weather, sweeps over our landscapes.

It made me wonder, however, what it we be like if we could create something a little more physical using similar principles. What if, instead of tiny helicopters, we had small robotically controlled globs of ferrofluid?

You’d have what looks to be a pool of oil, form itself into the shape of a room or a cave. Basically, you’d be building an architectural version of T-1000 from James Cameron’s Terminator 2.

It reminded me a bit of all those fluid simulations that take place in invisible boxes…maybe there is no box, the fluid just knows where the edges are.


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