Posted in books by johnsnavely on November 19, 2009

I have made it a personal goal to read every novel that Louis L’ Amour has ever written. It may sound like a daunting task, since L’Amour has written over ninety books. But given that they each are only about 150 pages, it’s like running a marathon in kilometers. (Also, apparently reading pulpy trash novels from days of yore is “trendy” these days.)


One thing is difficult. I’d like to keep track of what I read. I only buy these novels at used book stores and thrift shops and therefore, I’m not reading them in any sort of chronological order.  I have managed to get by by remembering cover art, but since each edition had a different cover design. Add to that fact that L’Amour often reused plots and characters and it looks like I might be reading a lot of doubles if I’m not careful.

Since I’m pretty much the worst organized person in the world, how can I do the least amount of work and still have a record of all the books I’ve read? (Maybe I need something like Pivot?)


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