Posted in architecture, personal, projects by johnsnavely on February 13, 2009

While I was digging through my old stacks of “archived” cds and dvds. I found a couple of old projects that I decided to upload to flickr.

One was a competition I did with Sarah Dunbar and Stephen Perdue. The brief was to repurpose the old water towers on the roofs and in the skyline of Chicago. Like other entries, we proposed a birdhouse. But ours was for a very specific bird: purple martins that would actually nest at the height of the towers.


We removed material from the towers to let the birds in, but in such a way (using the solar angles) that the silhouette would still be complete as one looked up. The wooden pieces from the towers were then reconfigured into park furniture. (Probably the more unsuccessful part of the project.) For the watertower, we actually built a huge 3 foot high model and dragged it onto the roof to photograph.


More photos of the project are here. (Photos taken by Perdue)

The other project I uploaded, I’ll share in another post…


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