Twenty Four Seven

Posted in art, web by johnsnavely on February 3, 2009

A couple of years ago my friends Sam Adrian and Dan showed me some video art by one of their fellow RISD grads, Ryan Trecartin. It was pretty awesome stuff, very strange. Last night, I opened the Sunday NYTimes arts section on the front page there were a bunch of images from the videos. There was an article on Mr. Trecartin’s work and process, and an announcement of some new pieces, which I checked out on YouTube. I’m still thinking about his newer stuff, but here’s a few videos that I think fit together.

My favorite video from Trecartin is this one (Tommy Chat!):

When I saw this years ago, my first thought was Shaye Saint John’s stuff. (The backwards hands get me every time):

I’m not sure of the history but I think they might owe something to Jacob’s work:

They all seem to revel in the excessive banality that characterizes the internet. With their manic, hyperactive style, I remember my initial feelings were mostly annoyance. (Which is a way of saying that they get under your skin– a good thing.) And the videos have this wierd incessant force, conversations are assembled with parts that you sort of recognize but they lack enough context to place. After the feeling of being annoyed subsided a bit, I’m just sort of happy with their uncanny accuracy. For anyone who has spent some time on the internet, the experience of watching the videos is eerily familiar.


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