Phone book

Posted in personal, technology by johnsnavely on January 5, 2009

Recently, my cell phone (a Razr) mysteriously broke in half and I was forced to buy a new one. I’ve been tempted by the mobile lifestyle, thanks to some friends (Skitch and Tom P.) who make it look effortless… They also use iPhones. Which, it seems, everybody is buying. (iPhone rules everything around me.)

The iPhone is really really awesome and I’m certainly not immune to its siren song. But, as I shopped around for phones, looking at the google phone and the new blackberry touch carefully, there was something about these iphone clone wars which didn’t quite fit what I was imagining I’d do with it.

It would be Half Kindle/Half iPhone. A thin phone with a easy to read screen that I have to charge every few weeks (if ever).  I wouldn’t care so much if it’s black and white and not color. There’s some concept designs for eink phones out there. But they aren’t thin enough.

Here’s how thin (and flexible) the eink display in Esquire Magazine is. (I dissected an issue a few weeks ago…):




If you can stick a GPS in there I’d be happy. I might use my phone for wayfinding. But not a deal breaker.

No video. Limited harddrive space. Some touch. Multitouch would be nice, but not required. No animations. No web browser although I could still download emails, my feeds, and e-books/pdf (like the kindle) to browse semi-offline. Mostly, it’s just a “phone book”.

I don’t want to be “too connected” or distracted. I think other people feel this way too. I want to be just connected enough to do the reading that I have a hard time doing when my laptop (with wifi)  is in front of me.


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