I was bored under unusual circumstances.

Posted in movies, technology by johnsnavely on December 29, 2008

Watched Benjamin Button on opening night the day after my birthday, the birthday of that other guy.

Thanks to some auspicious timing (I’m thinking about getting old too!), a cool trailer, and my respect for David Fincher, my hopes were high. It was good movie: beautifully shot, surprisingly dark in places– but, goddamnit, it wasn’t awesome. Fincher/Gump has been a criticism that’s been about right, but Benjamin (the character) isn’t a simpleton and isn’t exactly nice, conflicts that weren’t explored. I wish the movie were meaner, more Seven.

From SFF Portal

From SFF Portal

Although it’s sort of refreshing to see movies tackling death head on, I’d say Kaufman does it better than Fincher. These movies will always be a little unsatisfying because no one is going to solve anything. But Synecdoche, similar to its lesser cousins (like the Matrix or Dark City), play uncertainty into surrealism and the ending, imho, works about as well as it can.

Anyway, the holidays were awesome! I spent most my time playing Settlers with my borther and sister who were visiting. At one point, my brother joked that he had finally made it onto youtube. I went looking for the video in question by searching for “Snavely” in youtube. I found something curious.

In search results are videos that aren’t tagged with “snavely”, don’t have “snavely” in the descriptions, and aren’t stored in any Snavely family collections. Why are they there? They’re all the youtube videos I’ve saved to delicious.

Yet another thorn-in-the-side reminder that everyone can mine my data, but me.


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