Why I’m not a fan of facebook

Posted in technology by johnsnavely on October 21, 2008

Even though most people at Microsoft get positively frothy when talking about Facebook as a “social networking platform” (ew), I’m still a skeptic.


A few reasons:

– Facebook is as helpful as adware or spam bots when it comes to my information.

– Facebook isn’t a particularly innovative piece of software. You can get the same functionality in many other sites. Right now, I basically use Facebook for the friends who can’t be bothered to twitter.

– And the kicker, Facebook isn’t “indie” enough. The counter culture impulses that I express to define my identity (as a “maverick”!) aren’t part of facebook.

– Boredom might also play a part.

That said, I do spend a lot of time using the site. Mostly, to play chess.

I am waiting anxiously for what the next Facebook-like thing is. Will people return to Friendster (ironically)? Maybe get on board with twitter? Or will an iPhone app be the next Facebook? If only people with iPhones can join, the resulting culture might be richer (or poorer, depending on what you think of people with iPhones). I’m a believer that differences and separation produce richer culture. Homogeniety and inclusiveness are lovely, but they don’t make jerks and geniuses (who are cut from the same cloth).


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