Where I once belonged

Posted in projects by johnsnavely on September 27, 2008

I’m heading out to Cambridge tomorrow. I’ll be presenting at Harvard (at the Techfest on Monday) and at MIT (in the architecture department and the media labs) on Tuesday.

If you’re around and want to stop by, give me a ring!



Posted in art, projects by johnsnavely on September 16, 2008

Last night I threw together some poster designs for K’s upcoming conference. They’re pretty raw, but it was fun to be loose like orange juice. (B&W, 11×17)


Posted in art, programming, projects by johnsnavely on September 12, 2008

My former teacher and mentor, Meejin Yoon, is up for tenure review. Since we can’t vote on the matter, cross your fingers or something for her!

Earlier this week she asked me for some images and scripts of old work I’d done in her studio many years ago. Sadly, I’ve had a few hard drive crashes since then, all I could dig up was a buggy script and no images.

So last night I fixed the script (hacked) and made a few new images. The script is a pretty poor implementation of an L-System generator in Rhinoscript. But I’ll post the full script to the scripting blog this evening. Maybe someone will find it useful.

This has been a Rhino week. On Wednesday, I met with David Rutten, who’s just as brilliant as you might expect from his work. He’s an architect turned programmer (ahem), but he’s one those cases where he’s actually a very very good programmer. He showed me a beta version of Grasshopper, formerly called the Explicit History Plugin, which is a visual programming language (using boxes and arrows– much like Yahoo pipes) for parametrics in Rhino. (Tim, you should check it out, it reminds me of some of the work you’ve done with a pipes like interface.)

My first project might be to remake these L-Systems in Grasshopper.

Anyway, here are the pretty pictures. I hope they help Meejin get what she deserves– sweet sweet tenure. (The full set of pics is here.)


Posted in music by johnsnavely on September 10, 2008

This new music video from Grace Jones is delicious cheese.

(Hi Res Version here)

Pears, Ploughman

Posted in books by johnsnavely on September 9, 2008

In a fit of binge reading, I finished Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin in a delirious 24 hour period. It was good, much better than Rainbows End.

Anyone who enjoyed Ender’s Game would probably enjoy book too. I’m reading the sequel now (Axis) and, like Speaker for the Dead, it’s pretty enjoyable but not of the same caliber.

Spin starts with an event. One night the stars and moon “go out”. In the morning the sun rises, but it’s not the sun. It’s a flat disc that radiates the same heat and moves at the same speed, but it isn’t the sun. Earth finds itself trapped in a strange membrane that mimics the usual conditions, like a giant terrarium, with one critical difference. Inside the membrane time passes normally. Outside the membrane time is passing at an alarming fast rate, years per second. Our solar system will end in 50 years: the real sun will nova and engulf the Earth. Who did this and why? (Some of these questions will be answered by Martian Pharmaceuticals.)

This is isn’t Steinbeck, but if you like science fiction it’s a really fun read.

It Truly is Magnificent

Posted in music by johnsnavely on September 3, 2008

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele are making hump day quite bearable.

Send me an email if you want his album, A Brush with Velvet. He released it for free a while back, but I can’t find it anywhere now.