Posted in books, technology by johnsnavely on August 2, 2008

I’ve had a glut of sci-fi recently. K and I have been listening to Gibson’s Spook Country on audio book over dinner. So far the most notable thing is how deep the narrators voice is…

Last weekend, I went to Elliot Bay books and basically hung out in the chess, design, and sci-fi sections respectively.

I bought a chess book. Not a famous one. A book for beginners, really.

I couldn’t afford the design book, New Retail, a Phaidon book on new retail spaces. Although, I wanted it and I might have been able to have the company pay for it. It has some pretty futuristic interiors, but with drawings, so I can see how they space plan. This is for work…

Also, I did buy two sci-fi novels. Lethem’s As She Climbed Across the Table, recommended by T– Since I enjoyed Gun with Occasional Music (a hardboiled noir set in a biogenetic menagerie of a future) so much. I haven’t started this one yet.

And Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End. I had just finished a collection of Nebula winning short stories, poetry, and criticism from 2006. Vinge had this great short story: the poorly titled The Cookie Monsters which told the tale of a few “enslaved” AI’s becoming self aware, but realizing they had no cultural memory except for a single, very limited “cookie”. I really enjoyed it; it had shades of Philip K. Dick’s short fiction. Unfortunately, the book, which I am about a fifth of the way through, hasn’t got it’s hooks into me. Since it’s set in the near future, much like my job, you’d think there’d be something there.

Something about the book is irking me. I hestitate to complain– One, because I’m not sure I could write a better novel. (However, writing a sci-fi story is something I’d really like to try.) And two, because complaint and criticism are blog cliches.

Anyway, I started this posted wanting to complain about two things both can be expressed as single words, and both deserve to be put in quotes since I don’t take them seriously:

“Wearables” and “Usability”

But now, it’s late and I’m falling asleep…


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