Double Happiness

Posted in art, music by johnsnavely on July 9, 2008

Koichiro Tsujikawa is a video artist from Japan who’s done a lot of Cornelius‘ (whose work I love) music videos. Here’s an experiment that I particularly like:

Cornelius, who took his stage name from the helpful primate in Planet of the Apes, uses very short samples. I think the term people who know what they’re talking about is “micro-sampling”. Obviously, I don’t know much about music at all. This style is a lot like those examples I showed in a previous post. Very thinly sliced time.

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten on the twitter wagon. Trying to package up my daily experiences into packets that small is a challenge for me, but it has a strange effect on how one interacts with world. I don’t yet have any real thoughts on this yet… so maybe I should be twittering it.


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