More Vespucci than Gucci

Posted in hobbies by johnsnavely on July 2, 2008

One of the perks of working here is the free gym membership. The gym has squash courts and I love to play. Yesterday I got demolished by a coworker and now I’m so sore I can’t even walk up stairs. It was pretty fun.

For those unfamiliar, squash is sort of like racquetball. It’s played in a four walled court. There are two important differences, though. First the ceiling and part of the walls are out of bounds. (You can see the redlines marked in the video.) Secondly, the ball is a “dead” rubber ball. This means that spin and power have less importance in this game than placement and position. The game, therefore, become a slower more and gradual strategic accummulation than a series of outright winners. Points can last for minutes. It’s this “slow” pace that I really enjoy.

The video features Jonathan Powers former #1 in the world and the son of the Dartmouth’s squash coach. Those guys make this sport look like walking. On the other hand, I have to haul ace to move around the court.


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