Salad Days

Posted in architecture, movies by johnsnavely on June 28, 2008

Watched Battle Royale again last night.

It held up to a second viewing. Mostly because of some pretty amazing scenes and dialog. Some of the images from that movie are incredibly surreal. My favorites are when there’s a slow pan across an overgrown landscape with two school kids dying like a campy version of the Hudson River School. Oh and the scene where this artwork is unveiled is actually one of the great film moments in history. (This isn’t the scene, just the music and some stills.)

I am reminded how extraordinarily difficult it is to make something purposefully bad that is also entertaining. Battle Royale 2 is an example of something that is purposefully bad that is, in fact, just bad. I can’t unwatch that one.

I’ve also been watching all of the original Aeon Flux episodes which are out on dvd. Those things are great. There’s so much interesting architecture in there. Which oddly reminded me of this architects work (stolen from Bryan). Pretty awesome.


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