Tempus Puget

Posted in projects, technology by johnsnavely on June 13, 2008

This is the first post I’m writing from Microsoft‘s Connector Bus. It’s a biofueled transportation system for MS employees and it’s awesome. Two blocks from my house, I hop on a wi-fi enabled bus which takes me
to work.

I’ve been really busy with mundane stuff, lately. Just moved into a new house and evenings are now filled with unpacking.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying (very unsuccessfully) to write a chapter for a new book coming out on Digital Design & Education. Neri Oxman is set to write a chapter, as well as Larry Sass and Kostas Terzidis at the GSD. My chapter is, of course, on Rhinoscripting. The book will be in Spanish, but I’m allowed to publish the material in English.

So as a rough draft of my chapter, I think I will do as a series of instructional blog posts on the rhinoscripting blog. I don’t use rhino as much anymore or teach it, which is a pity, since McNeel is based in Seattle. But I would like to unload what little I’ve learned about Rhinoscripting to people who might use it. I’m way behind on the new explicit history stuff, but that’s going to be awesome for scripters.


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