The Bends

Posted in movies by johnsnavely on June 6, 2008

Watched The Diving Bell and Butterfly yesterday.

The movie, directly beautifully by Julian Schnabel, is based on a book of the same name. The book, a memoir, was written by Jean -Dominique Bauby. Jean suffered a stroke in his 40’s which left him completely paralyzed except for his left eyelid; his brain function and hearing remained, a condition known as “locked-in” syndrome. He painstakingly learned to communicate by blinking, and, one single letter at a time, wrote his memoirs.

To say the film is touching, might be an understatement. It is an incredibly moving story told in a simple and powerful way. And when the end of the movie comes, and the credits show huge hunks of glaciers melting and falling into the ocean– but in reverse, and you are piecing yourself whole as well– it is very difficult to keep a dry eye.

You should see this movie.


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