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Posted in architecture, fashion by johnsnavely on May 8, 2008

Not sure how I missed this. But it’s great.

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Victor and Rolf’s new store in Milan has just one simple concept, executed perfectly. Designed by architect Siebe Tettero with SZI Design in Amsterdam, the store is just killer.

Recently, I saw this site called geosim philly.

Virtual Philadelphia is a leading 3D online virtual city mirrored off the Center City of Philadelphia, PA, full of historical landscapes and buildings, hundreds of years of culture and one of the most beloved US cities.
Today, Philadelphia is a vibrant city cultivated with restaurants, boutiques, museums, nightlife, modern residences and developed commerce – definitely a premier place to live in or to visit.

GeoSim compiles gigabytes of aerial photos, street images, laser scans and geodetic measurements of Philadelphia to build an accurate 3D city model, capable of providing a genuine life simulation of the physical streets, buildings and urban landscape with the “look and feel” of a real city.

I don’t know much about how this project actually works. I have this feeling that it’s cooked up by the Philadelphia tourist board. After hearing architects get all “schweaty” over Secondlife and having it not pan out into anything that dramatically impacted design, I’m reluctant to call this stuff relevant.

So it may not be relevant… but it seems to be an interesting way to ride the Bilbao effect. I think they’re going for a Digital Bilboa Effect. It’s a less expensive and less risky way to draw tourists into the spaces of the city’s downtown area. I wonder what will happen when a new building is built. Will the proposals be vetted through the digital downtown?


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