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Posted in art, music, projects by johnsnavely on March 27, 2008

I just saw John Malkovich while out to lunch today. He’s a terrifying old man. Which is a complement.

This morning I saw this beautiful video from Encyclopedia Pictura– they’re doing the new Bjork music video. I had seen their awesome video for Grizzly Bear, but hadn’t connected the dots. Anyway, Seventeen Evergreen reminds me of a friend’s thesis proposal… I hope she’s making it as beautiful as it started out. Also, I’ve been looking at Kineticards recently:

And a little at looping animated gifs. Some art projects are brewing!

Lastly, Invivia Inc., a fun company I’ve done some work for,  is having an open house. (booze will be provided) It should be fun, come visit.


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