Put the “Burn” in Van Cliburn

Posted in music, programming, projects, technology, web by johnsnavely on March 17, 2008

I’ve been so tired of the YouTube derivatives. MC Hammer’s DanceJam (see: Kanye’s Search Engine, although K-Fed tapped that years before West did.)

This contest, however, seems pretty cool. American Idol type competitions loves them some YouTube and it makes a lot of sense for Van Cliburn (the consumate performer) to encourage precisely this type of “pop” interaction. Although the contest only serves as a primary for the larger, live competition in Texas, it’s still a great idea. I hope we have an architecture contest soon on YouTube.

And not to put my own foot in the mouth, but this does make me think that there needs to be a youtube-esque site for sound, not necessarily music but sounds and voice. The .flv format mauls sound. And, while sites like hypeM or MySpace are great for music, sometimes I just want to upload and tag conversations, lectures or just random sounds.

In preparation to buy one of these, I’ve been practicing recording my voice. I find that I don’t have shit to say when I’m talking to a machine. On the other hand, (for me anyway) it seems like my best ideas come out of conversations– which might mean I take all my ideas from my more talented friends. Regardless, it would be cool to have an Eliza (but tapped into all my delicious links etc) to talk to instead. Creepy, maybe, but also cool.


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