Amerigo V.

Posted in art, programming, projects by johnsnavely on February 9, 2008

Just read the first few chapters of this book. It’s really good. It introduces some basic machine learning concepts with web based examples. Kindergarten, for people like T, but for those of us (like me) who struggled through CS49 and never went on to take the more advanced classes, it’s amazing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about projects that I’d like to work on and the “toolbox” (prototyping/fabrication as well as software) I would like to have to get things done. I realized today that I’ve never worked with a microcontroller other than the Festo one T successfully hacked. So I don’t have a code base for devices and sensors to work from really. double u – tee – eff !

It might also be time to take a break from the chessboard. I think I’ve OD’ed without significant skill improvement. And it’s like a second job to play continuously. But, boy, it does feel good to think deeply about one thing for a long time; the brain exercise is glorious. And there’s always the question I have when I play games. How good can I get? Usually it’s pretty good, but not great. No one writes about the penultimate Faust.

Anyway, I don’t have a Salieri complex so no worries. I saw this video today and there’s something inexplicable about it so I thought I’d post it. Maybe you have the words?

Lastly, tomorrow night I have coveted tickets to the Vampire Weekend show at the MFA. I’ll let you know just how awesome it is!


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