What kind of spider understands arachnophobia?

Posted in movies, music by johnsnavely on November 23, 2007

Lately, I’ve been listening to “Grown Backwards” in the car. Even after not hearing it for a while, the album is still immensely pleasurable. Most of you probably already know that David Byrne has a blog. I’m late to this party. His radio show (podcast) is great mix of songs. This month’s selection is called “Unusual Contemporary Pop Songs” (… doesn’t unusual make it not pop?)

The other day I watched the movie “Renaissance” [trailer:above] and read this graphic novel “Torso” for clues on representation in my thesis and to take a break from the white slavery of architecture school. Renaissance is a pretty amazing visual statement, wrapped in a fairly trivial story line. It’s what Sin City (the movie) should have been.

Torso is a true crime, noirish tale, that used black and white drawings coupled with real photographs and documents from the mid-century case archives. One of the nice touches is that it uses onomatopoeia as way to transition from one scene to another so that sounds overlap even if the visuals and location don’t. Anyway, these helped me get back on track. I was feeling tired and doubting that I could pull off a beautiful thesis. Now it’s time to make this so lovely to look at that I don’t have to talk much.


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