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Posted in architecture, music, thesis by johnsnavely on November 9, 2007

Here I am in the midst of an all nighter, using YouTube to listen to music, waiting for a script to run. On any input above 10k, Rhinoscript runs really slowly. I’m trying to process about 100k points with twice that many lines. This is so slow I’m actually beginning to think it’s unnecessary. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ll write out the rest of my thesis script…

From the last post…

Since the theater and circulation are the same we can address the problem of the theaters scale. Movie theaters make money by having multiple spaces for different movies to show at the same time. A design that had several smaller movie palaces would be more successful than one with a single theater space. Here are some diagrams exploring how to balance theater, poche space, and circulation. [edit these…halfway done on my laptop]

The solution in this case was to divide the theater space into three cinemas, three hollows inside the framework of the building, swellings in the circulation. Each is a different size and has its own features.

The first theater is taller than it is wide. The space is the height of the entire building. It serves to bring light into the space which creates a large, well lit public space in center of the building. In fact, it connects to a public passageway that goes from block to block.

The second theater is the only circulation space which touches the envelope of the building. It starts at the 3rd floor and extends towards the interior. Movies are shown against a glass window. When not in use, the theater space offers a visual connection to the JMZ platform. When movies are being shown, a blurred reversed image in available to people on the platform and on the train.

The last theater is the smallest. It sits on the ramp which provides roof access. It can be adjusted for open air showings and performances.

So the next question became how to contruct these blobby structures and their ornament.


Keeping in mind that I needed to frame fairly tightly around these odd shapes, I examined ways of wrapping around an ornate curve with a truss chords or webbing. I was also thinking about a framing unit from which these spaces could be subtracted. Some of these experiments were impractical, such as a framing units based on on octahedrons or pentagonal tiling.



Eventually, I settled on two more practical types of framing units. Webbed trusses a foot deep 24 inches on center on each floor. And a 10 foot column grid… I think… I’m actually still working on this part.


Well, I think I might actually try and sleep for a couple hours; I’ve got class soon. And this 24 inch webtruss stuff looks a little silly. I’ll finish this post tomorrow.


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