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Posted in architecture, Uncategorized by johnsnavely on November 4, 2007

Two new games that you architects have probably already heard of:


(Check out the java and downloadable demos here.)

And Portal

Playing in space never seemed so fun! I’m really excited to play these games. Especially if there’s a co-op mode in portal.

I remember trying to explain to my friend T what it was like to be really really good at an FPS. I told him that the best players play like the walls and floors aren’t even there. They track players through a map as if they could see right through the structure. And they’ve also invested the time in knowing all the possible paths through the space so that moving from point A to point B doesn’t depend on “walking” through the map.

Like the dancer in the last post, it seems that spatial understanding is subjective (interpretive?… I’m not sure what the right word is) at even the most basic level of perception.

I wish I had more time to play games these days. So many have come out that have a lot to offer the design process. The last one I went crazy over but didn’t get a chance to play was Paper Mario. Have any of you played this game?

Paper Mario exploited that odd relationship between 2d and 3d that most side scrollers have. (The intro/credits for the 300 –the only good part of that movie– do the same.)

There are some fascinating parallels between architectural representation and building which paper mario could apply to. I’d love to make a side scroller or Portal like game in which the outcome of playing the game is actually some realizable construction. A project for this summer!

Apologies for the multitude of videos and the matrix reference…


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  1. bryanboyer said, on November 5, 2007 at 7:10 am

    echochrome is almost enough to make me buy a ps3. That game looks so hot. If these issues of 2d/3d are interesting to you, definitely come to Space Rocks this weekend, as it will be a primary topic of discussion.

  2. johnsnavely said, on November 5, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    You can download the engine here. Or just play the online demo.

  3. Jenny said, on November 7, 2007 at 9:54 am

    I played Paper Mario all summer before I left for Paris…it’s really fun! Though the flipping into 3D only lasts for a given amount of time…I did cheat sometimes because I was impatient…there is one level within a fortress that uses all point of view…you move along the walls, right to left, vice versa, walk on the ceiling, 2D and 3D…

    I think Super Mario Galaxy is coming out soon in the States?

  4. […] continuing my other game post, check out what “no gravity” has done for spatial representation in Super Mario […]

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