White and Black

Posted in architecture, Uncategorized by johnsnavely on October 1, 2007

My former professor, who I meet with this Thursday, a meeting that I’m a little nervous about… wrote this on William Dyce:

The formal stages of education, through which art is pared down to its essentials, are not assimilable to the actual stages of its historical progress. Method, or the analytic, is posterior to the originary deductions of imitative practice. Pedagogy, on the other hand, cannot pursue the same progression: method has to be taught before imitation.

-A. Dutta

Something to think about for thesis…. I had great talk with my friend T yesterday, who gave me a bunch of awesome pointers on how to proceed. It also reminded me how much I have to explain what thesis is to people outside of architecture.

No, my designs aren’t going to be built. I’m not just presenting a beautiful product, but a thought process that can be examined critically in an academic setting. Etc. Etc.

Some of this stuff I find sort of annoying…I’m not sure why…I feel pretty unsuccessful at it (the school, part, I mean) but I like what I’m doing.


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