Insomnia (no, the other movie)

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsnavely on August 10, 2007

I can’t sleep. Two hours ago I was so tired I could barely cram South American pringles into my face and now I’m wide awake. So I’m watching Federer beat on some guy while I write a blog post and think about my thesis.

I’ve been trying to boil down a one sentence description of my project and here goes the latest iteration:

The technique of pastiche allows for the creation of a layered architecture that can have multiple readings.

So I was lying in bed thinking about what the key elements of the theater (of the 1940’s theater) are. In my mind they are the marquee, the main staircase, and the screen.

So I had some thoughts on each of the three elements. First, I thought the marquee could be used to extend the roof/roof deck. This way it looks like the old school marquee but gets used as something different. This would mean that the theater entrance would be in the rear of the current building, where the parking lot is current. I like this because then the theater entrance would face a greco-roman bank that looks like this:


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