Invivia’s Research Blog

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsnavely on July 16, 2007

Just launched a new blog for some of the research going on at Invivia. Very informal and very sparse, but come back soon…

Also, I’m going to drop this quote, given to me by my friend K:

“To a rationalized, expansionist and at the same time centralized, clamorous,
and spectacular production corresponds another production, called
‘consumption.’ The latter is devious, it is dispersed, but it insinuates
itself everywhere, silently and almost invisibly, because it does not manifest
itself through products, but rather through its ways of using the products
imposed by dominant economic order” (xiii).

De Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

I guess it’s time to get my read on. This whole thing reminds me of the term “interpassive” (as opposed to interactive) that I heard while in Amsterdam. My shit has been very loose recently… I will try and be more cohesive in the next posts. The “Memento” post will have to wait until I finish the book I’m reading now. In the meantime, T has a record (although a different conclusion) of our conversation.


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