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Posted in Uncategorized by johnsnavely on July 2, 2007

I’m doing some “site research” right now and I thought I’d post some pictures (and text and links) of what I’m finding. It’s going to be mostly just a big ol’ dump. Apologies.

My site is in Williamsburg right next to the BQE. The address is 279 Broadway, Brooklyn. Here’s a google map for reference.

So here are pictures from people who commented on this site, which is dedicated to cataloging theaters in the New York City area.

This guy ( has a number of beautiful photos of theaters. Including:


Here’s a blast from the past, taken in what looks like the late 40’s (based on the make of the car). At least, I think this is the same site…:

I’ve linked to a few more reference sites in delicious and posted my rough pre-Thesis work in my flickr account. One of the interesting things about the neighborhood statistics that I found was that the neighborhood hasn’t really changed that much in the past 3 or 4 years, except in one major respect. “City Supported Housing Construction Starts”* have gone up from 60-80 to about 250 in the past five years. I have no idea if that means that the area is being more or less gentrified. My gut reaction is that it is not and my original thoughts on the area are actually incorrect. Anyway, I’m going to make a few diagrams and what not. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with my thesis adviser (Meejin) which I hope will go well.

* Housing units started in newly constructed buildings through the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) programs, and existing housing units in private ownership that receive loans from HPD to start rehabilitation construction work.

Lastly, here is an image of the first occupancy permit on record for the theater.

There’s a few more on record here and here (when the theater stopped being a theater) and the last one in 1988. Cool, huh?


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  1. […] together a set of diagrams that I’m using to explore program. Right now, as you can see from photos of the facade and the occupancy permit, the building consists of a basement, a first story that’s now […]

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