Incomplete Diagrams

Posted in Uncategorized by johnsnavely on July 2, 2007

I’ve thrown together a set of diagrams that I’m using to explore program. Right now, as you can see from photos of the facade and the occupancy permit, the building consists of a basement, a first story that’s now occupied by retail stores, and a second story of apartments. I’m trying to figure out a way to wedge the theater back into the building. There isn’t space for it, so the roof and basement (and maybe the parking lot out back) will probably have to be changed.

Here are the unfinished diagrams.
(click for the big picture)

diagram 1

First, I’m showing three different types of banding of the program. Horizontal banding respects the floor plates but it means that one of the programs is either going in the basement or the roof. Vertical banding allows the front facade and “rear facade” (the one currently facing a parking lot that opens to a street…. I’ll trace a plan of the site and put it up soon, I swear…) to each operate under the influence of one type of program, being street front seems valuable to both retail and the theater. Diagonal banding might offer a way to incorporated a sloping floor in the cinema.

Finally, I start to use combinations that might have some overlap. Either shared program or architecture (walls, ornament, services). The first twelve combinations preserve the original programming of the building: retail on the first floor; apartments on the second. The second set of six start using the roof and basement in combinations.

To be continued! Soon!


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